Connecting the Dots

Why did we launch this platform?

About Us

Connecting the Dots is a collaboration platform that is focused on boosting the economy of Curaçao by stimulating and supporting innovative entrepreneurship. Several public and private partners are already cooperating within the platform and other organizations are welcome to join. 

The Connecting the Dots platform focuses on;

1) Creating and sharing knowledge

2) Developing innovation policies and institutions

3) Fostering deep collaboration between partners

4) Providing support and training to the innovators



Connecting the Dots, was established in January 2016, when the founding partners organized a business seminar together. The first seminar took place in March 2016 at the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, which turned out to be a big success. 

Consequently, the decision was made to continue this collaboration platform. In October 2016 a second conference was organized, where the collaboration between the organizations went public under the name Connecting the Dots.


Action Plan

In order to make a sustainable contribution to the development of the economy Curaçao, Connecting the Dots has developed an agenda and action plan for the next 3 years, based on the evaluation of the conferences, input that was given during panels, workshops and keynotes, and knowledge and experience of the participating partners.

Access to Finance

Curaçao Creative Economy

Partners & Sponsors

A huge thanks to all our amazing partners & sponsors. This platform couldn’t exist without you!

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